What is the best choice Silicone Sealant and what is it for?

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There are many different types of silicone sealants.

A few examples Silicone Sealant,  include: hybrid silicone, acetic cure silicone and neutral cure silicone.

We recommend using a neutral cure 100% silicone sealant with mould or anti-fungal for all internal wet areas.

Neutral cure silicone sealant does not bleed into tiles, so it is a safer option for use.

Uses for silicone sealants:

  • Sealing gaps around baths, showers, windows, joints

  • Good option for fixing mirrors or glass

  • Sealing gutters

  • Repairing rubber trim on cars

  • Silicone Sealant is used for moulding into soft rubber goods of most shapes

  • Also used to gluing aquariums together

Silicone Sealant characteristics:

  • Temperature resistance

  • Generally longer service life

  • Highest movement capability (Class 50–100)

  • UV resistance

  • Continued flexibility over time