Draught Proof Your Home with Silicone Joint Sealants This Summer

Posted on 30th, Nov 19

Say no to high energy bills this summer by draught-proofing your home with Joint Sealing Specialists in Sydney. By letting hot air in during summer and cold air in during winter, droughts can have a major impact on your energy consumption. Seal’em Solutions has the perfect solution to make your home resistant to draught.

Draught Proofing Australia

How much can you save by draught-proofing your house?

Air leaks can increase your energy bills by up to 25 percent. By using Silicone Joint Sealants to properly weatherproof your home, you can ensure you are comfortable no matter how hot or cold the weather gets.

Which areas of your house need weatherproofing?

Silicone Joint Sealants should be used around cracks and gaps around doors, windows, skylights and any other joints where air can sneak in or out. Seal’emSolutions is a Joint Sealant Specialist in Sydney who have many years of experience draught-proofing commercial, residential and industrial buildings.

Some other draught prone areas around the home include the area where brick meets wood trimming, where skirting meets wall and where pipes leave the home. The best way to seal such gaps is by using Silicone Sealant.

How can you prevent draughts around your windows and doors?

If you spot any cracks around your windows or doors, get a Joint Sealing Specialist to fill them as soon as possible. Doing this can reduce air leakage by up to 12 percent. Caulking or Silicone Sealant can be used to repair the cracks or gaps.

How can you detect air leaks?

While some air leaks may be obvious, such as air leaking from under doors, some other air leaks may be difficult to spot. The best way to identify and measure the air leakage in your home is by conducting an energy audit. The technician can carry out a blower door test which basically depressurizes the home, so you can accurately locate any and all air leaks around the home. Alternatively, you can also do a visual check by looking for cracks and gaps around doors, windows, pipes and wiring.

At Seal’em Solutions, we have over 15 years’ experience in the industry and have helped many residential and commercial clients with comprehensive Joint Sealing Solutions.

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