Exterior Maintenance Guide: The Importance of Routine Caulking for Commercial Buildings

Posted on 21th, Apr 20

If you own a commercial property, you’ll already be aware of the importance of routine exterior maintenance. One key element of this is Caulking. It’s more than just aesthetics, however – and not doing so can cost you money, as well as the comfort of those working there. 

Keep reading on to find out why caulking is important for commercial buildings.

What is Caulking?

Caulking uses a material called ‘caulk’ which is used to seal gaps around doors, windows and other building materials. They are similar to sealants, but unlike sealants, caulks are more suitable for areas that don’t expand or contract. Caulks harden after drying and are applied via a caulking gun. When applied at a professional level like which Seal’em Solutions does, they blend in with the surrounding area seamlessly. Acrylic caulk can also be painted over. Caulks are versatile enough to be applied to virtually any material.

There are different types of caulk, each more suited to different specific surfaces and dryness. These include:

  • Painters Caulk/Acrylic Latex – Placed over small holes and cracks before being painted over. It is one of the most affordable caulks available.
  • Acrylic Tile Sealant – Suited to wet areas, it works well for simple repairs and patches.
  • Pure Silicone – Suited to wet areas such as showers, Pure Silicone is mildew and mould resistant and can effectively last for decades.
  • Vinyl Latex – Similar in qualities to Painters Caulk but lasts longer. It is suitable for outdoors.

The Benefits of Caulking for Your Exterior

  • Caulking Prevents Water Damages. A simple leak might seem insubstantial on your commercial building’s exterior, but over time it can lead to water damage can be costly to repair. This can also lead to mould. Through expertly applied caulking, you can avoid this without issue. 
  • You Can Prevent Insects from Entering Your Building. Even some gaps or cracks in your building’s exterior can lead to insects finding their way into your commercial building. Your best bet is to have these caulked sooner than later.
  • Caulking Gaps Prevents the Buildup of Dust and Allergens. Especially for those with allergies, an uncaulked gap can be problematic due to allergens coming in from outside and causing respiratory problems.
  • Caulking Can Improve Your Commercial Building’s Value. By handling cracks and gaps through effective caulking, you can raise the value of your commercial building. 

Why You Should Hire a Caulking Specialist Like Seal’em Solutions

Hiring a Caulking Specialist such as Seal’em Solutions ensures that your caulking is completed seamlessly, effectively and with superior results that last for many years to come. By attempting to apply caulking ‘DIY’, this runs the risk of using cheap or unreliable materials which will only lead to more issues down the line. 

Seal’em Solutions provides a personalized solution, providing a Caulking and Joint Sealing Specialist service which is fast and implement the best techniques, tools and materials. Our fully licensed and highly experienced Professionals are ready when you are to provide you with a superior service. We have caulking services in Brisbane, Gold Coast, etc.

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