The Importance of Joint Sealing in a Construction Project 

Posted on 17th, Feb 20

Joint Sealing or Caulking is used to seal joints and seams during the construction of a building. Although Silicone Joint Sealants only constitute a very small percentage of a construction project’s budget, when not done properly, they could lead to a lot of complaints, dissatisfaction and retrofits. 

It’s important for builders and property owners alike to understand the importance of proper Joint Sealing and the need to hire a Joint Sealing Specialistfor their construction project. 

Joint Sealants Are an Integral Component of a Construction Project

Sealing of structural expansion joints is not just a matter of filling the gaps. Joint Sealants need to be applied and used properly to ensure that the building’s structure is protected against damage caused by surface tension and air pressure fluctuations. 

Joint Sealing in A Construction Project

Joint Sealants Offer Long-term Results 

Improper Joint Sealing can also result in long-term issues of draft, water ingress, moisture issues leading to mould and affecting the building’s structural integrity. 

Hiring a Joint Sealing Specialist will help you in the following ways: 

  • Ensure your building is sealed against water leaks and weather damage. 
  • Prevent cracks and gaps from developing, leading to bigger structural concerns. 
  • Prevent insects, bugs and other infestations. 
  • Prevent the loss of heat during winter and keep the cold air from seeping out during summer months. This in turn will keep your energy costs low. 

The Benefits of Silicone Joint Sealants for Construction Projects 

Silicone Sealants offers many benefits, such as: 

UV Stability

Silicone Sealants perform well under UV light. This makes them an ideal choice for outdoor areas where maximum sun exposure is expected.

Colour Stability

They come in a wide range of colours. So, finding a shade to match your tiles or wall is quite easy. Another big advantage with using Silicone Sealants is that they do not fade over time. The colours last long for years and will ensure your space looks new and fresh for many, many years. 

Adhesion to A Wide Variety of Construction Surfaces

Silicone Sealants adhere really well to most construction surfaces. This makes them the ideal choice for weather sealing and waterproofing purposes. 

Ease of Application

They are quick and easy to use, which means you can get a lot of work done in a short span of time.

Ability to Withstand Extreme Temperature Changes

Silicone Sealants expand and contract when the temperature changes. They do not crack or break under extreme temperature changes. It is no wonder then that they are a popular choice for kitchens, bathrooms and other areas where temperature changes are a concern. 
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