Our Team

Joint Sealing Contractors

With Seal’em Solutions you get the benefit of extensive knowledge built over many years working on thousands of projects. Our specialist team has a comprehensive understanding of the technical components of sealing and see to it that your project doesn’t go astray. No project is too small or too large.

Scheduling and Production Team

Our dedicated Production Team responds to all client requests, schedules in projects, coordinates and monitors production schedules, ensures projects are completed on time and on budget. Their role includes ongoing communications with clients throughout all projects.

Quality Assurance Team

Quality is a hallmark of our products and service. Unlike the vast majority of other sealing companies—including small and one-person operators—we have a full-time quality assurance team. The team continually conducts random onsite quality checks to ensure your standards and expectations are met.

Sales Team

Our full-time Sales Team is dedicated to meeting your expectations. They will meet you onsite to establish a detailed scope of works to be undertaken by our Caulking Team.

Each member of our sales team has extensive knowledge and are fully capable of answering questions on the spot. This includes questions on sealant types, product specification, colour matching, project timing and our warranties and guaranties. Once briefed, they next prepare detailed and easy-to-understand quotes.

Managing Director

Shane Simmons founded Seal’Em Solutions in 2004, determined to offer a Caulking / Joint Sealing application service that was superior to any he had seen operating in the market.

A detailed operator who loves perfection, Shane had observed, while working in the construction industry, that most trades saved money by doing their own Joint Sealing, instead of engaging the service of qualified professionals to do so. His market research informed him that the end result was often messy, untidy and lacking respect for the value that beautiful Joint Sealing adds to a Residential, Commercial or Remedial project.

Determined to raise the bar, Shane decided to establish Caulking or Joint Sealing as the specialist trade it deserved to be. Shane approached BSA and pitched the case that Joint Sealing should become a specialist skilled trade and be fully licenced. He spent several years approaching builders and other trades convincing them that joint sealing should never be something they should skimp on.

The great customer service and detailed quality workmanship of his team quickly gained a solid reputation throughout Australia. Seal’Em Solutions, in operation for more than 15 years, has consistently grown from its inception. We actually provide Caulking services in Gold Coast, Caulking contractors Sydney, Brisbane and in all the country.

To provide quality, consistent and professional Joint Sealing work on every project—the first time, every time

Joint Sealing Contractors