What are the Qualities You Should Seek from a Sealing Solution Provider?

Posted on 03th, Jul 19

Sealants are chemical polymers that are applied to joints in bathroom tiles, floor tiles, doors and windows to prevent moisture from getting through and marring the surface look.

Quality sealing solutions such as Silicone Sealants are more durable and flexible compared to ordinary sealants. They last longer – 20 years on average.

But silicone sealants are just one part of the solution – the individual or organisation applying the sealants is as important as the sealants are themselves.

What do you look for when appointing a tradesperson to develop and apply a quality sealing solution?

Experience – there are things you learn only from experience. And few know this better than people in the Tiling, Plumbing or Building Industry.There is only so much you can learn from your lecturers at University or TAFE.

Ultimately, when it comes to building construction or bathroom renovation, it is an experience that makes the difference.

Technical Know-how– deciding which sealing solution to use requires one to have a solid technical knowledge of the sealant industry. Tiling and bathroom renovators generally hold Civil Engineering Degrees that give them the technical knowledge they need to know what product to use – and where.
Sealants could be silicone, acrylic, butyl, polysulphide, polyurethane and silyl.

Each sealant has different applications and uses – an expert will know their sealants better than they do a Pastrami sandwich.

References – every tradesperson or building engineer comes with references from clients they have serviced in the past.

It is not essential but useful to check references to be certain of the quality you will receive if you hire the tradesperson in question.

The best place references come from are past clients the tradesperson or trade company has serviced.

The scale of projects undertaken – doing a small bathroom renovation is very different from doing bathrooms for an apartment block with 250 units in it.

The latter requires scale-based knowledge and an army of workmen of at least 30 people.

Depending on the scale of the project, the company should be chosen.

Availability – Sometimes, Tiling Companies are booked out for months in advance due to having secured a major project. In this case, you will have to settle for an alternate option. It’s useful to tender your project to two to three tiling companies so you have the flexibility to choose between them if availability is an issue.

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