How to Replace the Silicone Grout in the Bathtub

How ?

The joints in the bathtub will get dirty and will turn a dark colour with the use. Although cleaning regularly and trying to eliminate this dirt, it is quite complicated to regain its original appearance.

The best solution is to change the silicone of the tub. You can leave this task in the hands of Seal`em SOLUTIONS or carry it out yourself with the following tips:

We took the dirty silicone with a sharp knife. It is necessary to remove all the remains of silicone so that later it is easier to put the new one.  With the help of a cloth we will clean the remains that may have been loose, especially in the corners, where it is more difficult to remove them.  We will generously apply the silicone to the joints, making sure that the water can not seep between the tub and the tiles. We’ll use the silicone gun.  With the fingers we sealed and moulded the silicone correctly and if necessary we will remove the excesses.

We should try to achieve a concave shape so that water flows into the bathtub and does not accumulate in the joints. Remember that after the bath it is necessary to eliminate the water remains of the tiles and the joints to avoid that the fungi can proliferate.

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