Residential We combine quality workmanship with functionality and aesthetics, so you can have it all


Seal’em Solutions is selected by property owners for small and large Residential projects. We’re a preferred supplier for custom projects and major renovation projects of all styles. We’re your one-stop shop for all joint sealing work.

Our products and workmanship are about longevity and getting each project done the right way the 1st time. We’re often depended on to ‘fix’ problems and imperfections created by other caulkers or the use or inferior or do-it-yourself products. This laborious process involves cutting out Caulking and Re-Sealing from scratch, which is three times the cost per meter than getting it right the first time.

We’ve been established for more than 15 years. With Seal’em Solutions you’re guaranteed to be dealing with a reputable company who is here to stay, not a fly-by-night operation.

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