The Top 7 Benefits of Silicone Sealants

Posted on 03th, Jul 19

What are the Benefits of Silicone Sealants?

If you’re looking to create bonds that last, may we suggest Silicone Sealants as being the way to do it? Silicone Sealants stay stable when exposed to very high or very low

temperatures. Their ‘Stability Factor’ makes them the chosen polymer for use by builders and others in the construction industry.

Silicone Sealants Benefits Brisbane

Silicone Sealants are used to bond glass, ceramics, metals, plastic, concrete and bricks. They are also used in aerospace and engineering. Excellent for tile sealing, joint sealing and colour grout sealing – they are a building material you can‘t afford to go past if you are a builder or renovator in Brisbane.

1. Ability To Withstand High & Low Temperatures Far Better Than Organic Rubber

Silicone Sealants have a much higher ability to withstand temperature fluctuations than rubber sealants do. A better alternative, they bond virtually any materials together.

Additionally, they are also resistant to thermal expansion and contraction, wind oscillation – even seismic movement – which makes them a preferred building material.

2. Silicone Sealants Are An Excellent Insulating Material

Flexible and durable, Silicone Sealants insulate homes from extremes of heat and cold better than other materials do. Their stability at both high and low temperatures give them a durability ordinary rubber sealants cannot match.

3. Highly Durable and Form Tight Seals

Durability is a must in the construction industry. Whether you are fixing a bathroom sink, sealing the space between windows or doors, you want your work to last. Silicone Sealants ensure it does. Silicone Sealants form tight seals that are much harder to force apart compared to rubber seals. They last 4 times longer as a result.

4. Great Aesthetic Finish

It’s not about the start – it’s about the finish! An Silicone Sealants give you a finish rubber sealants would be hard pressed to. Silicone Sealants come in 61 colours – aesthetic, you’ll find that they don’t fight with your decor, they blend right into it.

5. Water Repelling Material

But what’s even better – Silicone Sealants are water repellant as well. So they are great at keeping rain and moisture out of places they shouldn’t be in.

You can use them to repair cracks in sinks in your bathroom, create tight seals around windows and glass doors – also repair aquariums.

6. Good Thermal Stability

A Sealant’s durability is related to its ability to withstand temperatures without reacting to them. No matter how extreme the heat or cold you expose Silicone Sealants to, you’ll find they are able to withstand it.

Their elasticity and flexibility allow them to withstand temperatures other materials are unable to.

7. Low Chemical Reactivity

Our industrial and commercial silicone sealants offer low chemical reactivity, no VOCs and have virtually no odor.

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