Caulking Joint Sealing at Heights – Abseiling Caulking Windows and Slabs


Sealem Solutions is a Queensland-based gap sealing and caulking company that offers professional and reliable sealing services, including difficult to reach projects requiring working at heights.We provide a range of services to maintain and improve all types of buildings. From high rise commercial properties to single story residential homes and everything in between, we can help. We can provide once-off services charged by the metre or project as well as sealing remediation.

Our range of access methods include abseiling, Building Maintenance Units (BMU) and elevated platforms. We provide high quality sealing services from window sealing, slab and roof caulking to pressure cleaning and building wash down. Our experienced team provides an on time, on budget and efficient solution to your gap sealing needs.

Highly experienced team is committed to providing an excellent standard of work at competitive rates. Call or email for a free quote.

Contact Seal’em Solutions today at 1300 377 577 or via our online enquiry form.