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Joint Sealant

Seal’em Solutions is Australia’s leading Joint Sealing (Caulking) company, established for more than 15 years. We service more than 1,000 of the finest trades and builders throughout Australia.

We set the benchmark in the industry for all types of Internal and External Joint Sealing applications. No job is too small or large.

As industry leaders, Seal’em Solutions’ 25 sealers are certified and licensed to perform all types and levels of Joint Sealing workmanship to the highest required building standards, getting it right the first time, every time with new and existing structures.

All work is meticulous, 100 per cent guaranteed and backed by our extensive warranty on products and services.

Our caulkers are specialists in Joint Sealing that adds value and is never visually disruptive. Their eye for detail is second to none. Their work is neat, seamless and meticulous, which is what excellent sealing should be.

With Seal’em Solutions you get the benefit of extensive knowledge built over many years working on thousands of projects. Our:

  • Specialist Applicators have a comprehensive understanding of the technical components of sealing, diving much deeper than the brief information provided on typical Technical Data Sheets relied on by many smaller and less experienced applicators
  • Quality Assurance team spot checks to ensure company standards are consistently met
  • Production Team maps out projects and monitors progress, regularly communicating up-to-date job status information to clients.

Our products, methodology, quality standards, expertise, experience and workmanship offer excellent value-for-money. Our customised solutions are designed around our belief that the one-size-fits-all approach of many other Joint Sealing companies doesn’t produce the best results.

Our fully trained and licenced Caulkers, backed by years of experience, are efficient, methodical and accurate with installation techniques. They’re also thorough working to detailed workflows, spending time cleaning and preparing substrates and using neutral tooling fluids to prevent unacceptable (and expensive to repair) bleeding, staining, uneven light reflection and corrosion.

Our size provides confidence. We’re able to respond quickly and accurately to requests for quotes, begin projects on time, offer flexibility, and close a project off with high satisfaction levels. Many one-person operators or smaller companies may have to delay project starts because of other priorities. With 25 Caulkers on our team, you’re guaranteed faster service than smaller operators can provide.

Seal’em Solutions is 100 per cent owned, licensed and operated and fully insured.

Joint Sealant