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What Silicone Sealants seal in besides the quality of your work as a Building, Construction or Plumbing Professional

Building, Construction and plumbing professionals understand silicone sealants and how important they are to sealing in the quality of their work.
Whether it is bathroom tiles, swimming pool tiles, sinks, doors, windows, floors, drawers, walls, interior or exterior surfaces we are talking about – silicone sealants give your work durability plus a long lasting finish that polyurethane sealants are simply not able to.

But what “Silicone Sealants” seal in besides the quality of your work is the quality of your relationships with your clients as well. And there is no benefit greater than that.

Nobody wants to see a job ‘half-done’ whether it is silicone sealing, colour grout sealing, tile sealing or joint sealing we are talking about

The standards of the Building, Construction and Plumbing industry are very high in Australia. Few understand this better than we do at Seal’em Silicone Sealants Australia.

Part of the Building, Construction and Plumbing industry for over a decade, we take our role as specialist providers of silicone sealants for Tradies – whether they are located in Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, and Adelaide.

We understand that if we get even one of the chemical formulations in our sealants wrong, our client’s reputations could be affected.

To prevent this from happening, we take the care others simply don’t. It’s care, that over time, our clients who include Lindon Homes and Tom Dooley Developments have come to expect from us as a basic standard of our doing business with them.

An award-winning silicone sealant caulking company you can’t go past

Seal’em Solutions is an award winning silicone sealant caulking company.

We took the decision to move from polyurethane or organic sealants to chemically bonded “Silicone Sealants” because of the greater lastability and durability they offered.

Polyurethane sealants last 5 years on average before they come undone. Silicone sealants can be used to seal floor tiles, swimming pool tiles, doors, windows, joints, interior and exterior surfaces and more for a period that can last up to 20 years.

If a lasting solution is what you are looking for in your building, construction or plumbing projects – then silicone sealants are a building material you can’t go past.

Why you always fill a gap when you find one in Building, Construction and Plumbing?

Modern construction is full of gaps – whether it is bathroom tiles, floor tiles, swimming pool tiles, joints, windows, doors, interior or exterior surfaces we are talking about.

If these gaps are not attended to – moisture, mould, vermin, dust and light can get into them. Once this happens, you can very quickly have an infestation of termites or other pests who can make your house a living hell.

The moisture, when combined with light, can wedge wood further apart affecting the quality and look of your workmanship. This can affect your reputation and worth as a Building, Construction or Plumbing Professional.

Is your reputation as a Builder or Plumber worth taking care of?

At Seal’em Silicone Solutions Melbourne, we’d like to believe your answer to this question is ‘yes!’

If reputation matters to you, then you have only one choice when it comes to the sealants you use – and that is going with the range provided by a company that specialises in quality and who will take no chances with it.

63 different silicone sealant colours to choose from

Let’s face it – more women than men make the decisions when it comes to home and bathroom fittings and decor.

Colour matters more to women than it does to men.

At Seal’em Silicone Solutions, we’ve recognised this and have made colour a key part of the solutions we offer our clients.

With 63 different colours to choose from when it comes to silicone sealants for your tiles, floors, bathrooms, doors, windows or swimming pools – you will always find a sealant that blends into your design rather than fights with it.

Client satisfaction has always mattered to us at Seal’em Silicone Sealants Caulking

Sure, we operate in the Building, Construction and Plumbing industry. This doesn’t mean we take satisfaction any less importantly than professionals in other industries do.

Our reputation matters to us, as does the reputation of the many builders, tilers, grouters, brick layers, carpenters, wood workers, dredgers, carpet installers, plumbers, housefitters and site managers we work with.

Our goal is not just to manage our reputation in the Building, Construction and Plumbing trade, it is also to improve it.

By always listening to the issues our customers in the trade bring up, we address them more effectively with our products and the way we develop, install and apply them.

Would you like to know more about our products and services in the area of Joint Sealing Solutions?

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