Remedial We’ve got the experience and expertise to fix and make it better than ever

Remedial Joint Sealing

Getting professional Remedial experts from Seal’em Solutions is your best bet to reinstate new quality sealant products for your project.

Sealants often fail because they’ve been incorrectly applied or not adhered properly through poor application techniques. In some cases, using the wrong sealant causes this failure. Other causes can be sealant that is old, mouldy or just worn out.

Seal’em Solutions offers extensive knowledge and skilled techniques to remove and reinstate all types of sealants. We understand what joint substrate is best to ensure elasticity, movement capabilities, UV stability requirements, density, a shore harness and tensile strength.

Our professionals will recommend the correct sealant types to ensure each joint has the correct properties so it can function at its best. Our specialists’ knowledge dives much deeper than the brief information provided on typical Technical Data Sheets relied on by many smaller and less experienced applicators.

It’s vital that certain steps be taken in the correct order and without compromise to be 100 per cent confident about your joint sealing, whether it’s for a Commercial, Industrial or Residential project.

Remedial Joint Sealing