Internal Joint Sealing Perfection is what we strive for with every project that we undertake

Sealem Internal Joint Sealing Inner

Our applicators are trained and experienced in administering perfect finishes on every joint, every project, every time—always neat, seamless and invisible, especially in tricky areas like tight corners, colour blocking and around cabinetry.

Our fully trained and licenced Caulkers, backed by years of experience, are efficient, methodical and accurate with installation techniques to all internal joints or cracks. They’re also thorough working to detailed workflows, spending time cleaning and preparing substrates and using neutral tooling fluids to prevent unacceptable (and expensive to repair) bleeding, staining, uneven light reflection and corrosion to substrates.

Internal Sealing

We handle internal sealing in kitchens, splashbacks, bathrooms, ensuites, powder rooms, toilets, laundries, skirting to tile, wooden floors, concrete floors and expansion joints.

Our wide range of specialised internal sealing products offer many benefits to commercial, industrial, residential and remedial projects:

  • More than 64 colours for improved aesthetics that match any interior or external substrate
  • Range of standard to premium of internal silicone to suit your budget
  • Mould resistant, anti-fungal additives and insect prevention
  • Wet area protection from dampness and prevention from water ingress
  • Neutral Cure natural stone applications
  • Ph 7 handling fluids
  • Aesthetically appealing and functional.
  • Preventing cool drafts from entering and heat from exiting.
  • Any seal openings and cracks.
Sealem Internal Joint Sealing Inner