Silicone Sealant or Polyurethane Sealant?

Posted on 03th, Jul 19

Understand the difference between the two sealants and make the best choice.
Difference Silicone Sealant or Polyurethane Sealant

Nowadays, it is possible to find several types of sealants suitable for the construction industry – which leads to many doubts about which product to use in expansion joints, especially when it comes to silicone and polyurethane sealants. And to help you understand once and for all the differences between each of them, we separate the crucial details for you to never again confuse them.

Polyurethane sealants, for example, support for ultraviolet rays, but do not withstand temperatures above 100 degrees Celsius and have no chemical resistance – since it is organic. In some cases, the silicone sealant stands out more than the polyurethane sealant. Therefore, only silicone have the necessary combinations to seal the panels on the facade, providing flexibility and physical resistance to the weather.

Why choose silicone sealants?

Some of the advantages and characteristics of choosing silicone sealants are:

  • They are inorganic – which provide greater chemical resistance;
  • Remain flexible over a wide temperature range;
  • They are rarely affected by ultraviolet light and rain;
  • It maintains adherence even when stretched or long;
  • Do not crumble, crack or open like organic sealants (PU);
  • They present life expectancy three times higher than organic materials (PU) used in the same application;
  • Provide lower consumption compared to organic sealants (PU).
  • After 100 days (2,400 hours) of UV exposure in accelerated tests of weather and thermal stability, the urethane sealant deteriorates, while the silicone sealant remains unchanged.

Silicone sealant or polyurethane sealant

Seal’em Solutions SIKASIL SIKA ADMIL is one of the largest distributors of silicone sealants for civil construction, ideal for application of expansion, sealing and structural joints. Dow Corning silicone sealants serve the civil construction market, window manufacturers, locksmiths, installers of ACM, developer and builder, glazing and awnings.

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